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2029-01-15 02:08 pm

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Please make sure with have some interests in common, and preferably have spoken at least once.
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2009-05-04 03:42 pm

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I just thought I'd sling a quick post up.

I'm also over at LJ on the same username (sunrisecandy), and... I am not the best person in the world at commenting and so on, but I plan on attempting to pick things up (both here and over at LJ) after a do-or-die exam on Friday the eighth.
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2009-05-03 12:29 pm

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So, I got a dreamwidth. I know everyone's been getting one and I can't remember who/what/where, sooo...

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2009-05-01 10:51 pm

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One of these days, I'll actually make an update worth something.

All you need is love❤
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2009-02-21 03:44 pm

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This is just for my benefit so I remember...

3月8日(日) 大阪MUSE
[開場] 15:00 / [開演] 16:00
[前売] ¥3675 / [当日] ¥4200 (D代別)
[出演] chariots / SIVA / Dali / Arc / ClearVeil / Megaromania
(ゲスト)平成維新 / SEED / 愛狂います。 / 関西変態系お笑いヴィジュアルバンドHEAR

4月2日(木) 神戸チキンジョージ
[開場] 16:00 / [開演] 17:00
[料金]前売 ¥3500 [当日] ¥4000
[出演] 姫苺 / イロクイ。 / シリアル⇔NUMBER / LuLu / MELLO / SINCREA / Sel'm

4月5日(日) 京都MUSE
[開場] 16:00 / [開演] 17:00
[前売] ¥3500
[出演] 姫苺 / DaizyStripper / シリアル⇔NUMBER / -OZ- / THE KIDDIE / ジュリエット / DEATHGAZE

4月17日(金) FANJ-Twice
[開場] 18:00 / [開演] 19:00
[前売] ¥2800 (D代別)
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2009-01-30 07:57 pm

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ugh I feel so ill. I HATE being ill. I foresee very little sleep tonight since this is the case.
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2008-08-16 01:40 pm

And I'm off!

Heading to Heathrow in about 45 minutes.

See you all later! ♥♥
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2008-06-05 03:31 pm

Amatsukaze pamphlet scans


I am aware that the image hosting site has taken the scans down. However, I no longer have a scanner, and am unable to rescan the booklet, nor am I in possession of the original computer to which I scanned them. When I return to my parents house, I will re-up the images, but I cannot do it before that point.

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