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Amatsukaze pamphlet scans


I am aware that the image hosting site has taken the scans down. However, I no longer have a scanner, and am unable to rescan the booklet, nor am I in possession of the original computer to which I scanned them. When I return to my parents house, I will re-up the images, but I cannot do it before that point.

So, I'm back in Dorset, after something like a 6 hour journey. I... Hate long journeys so much. Especially when about 30 minutes of that was someone crying and practically yelling at someone over a lost library card. I know the story in almost ridiculous detail because the girl repeated it about fifty times. Dear god D: That was so incredibly frustrating. It's just a library card, girl! It's easy enough to get a new one D: D:

I feel really lazy today, though. I haven't gone for my jog because I woke up late due to tiredness (from travelling and doing nothing. WTF body D:)

Anyhow, Dorset means parents home, which means scanner. Man, this took a while. All were scanned at 300DPI. Most have been resized with the exception of 5 images, which, when I tried to resize them to a slightly more manageable size, just looked terrible, so they're left at over 3000px each. The rest are a little over 1000px each.

If anyone does want the full sized images of any of them, just let me know and I'll do my best. Also, if anyone happens to want Matsumoto Marika's interview rescanned, I will do, since it's... a little wonky.

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thank you for theeeeeese!
Ohno looks so kakoii!!! i think i'm beginning to like serious mode ohchan.

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Arigatou for the scans. :)

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mmm ohno. thanks for the scans~

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wah~! thank you so much for these~!!! ^^
wah~! riida is soooo kakkoi~!

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thanks for sharing~ :3

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thanks so much for the scans!!!!

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Ohchan looks soo cool in these!

Thanks for sharing <3

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oohhhhhhh~ thank yoooooooouu *____*

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waaaah, thx a lot! he looks so good with this cool hairstyle!

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Omg, thanks for scanning and uploading the images!!

would it be too much to ask for put all the pictures in a zip folder? my internet is really slow in loading the pics.

if it's too much of a hassle, it's fine!

Thank you again!

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Riida looks just so kakkoii! ♥
I'm getting more & more excited for this drama.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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Thank you :D

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crying over a lost library card? 0_o

uwa~ thank you for sharing these!
riidaa looks so kakkoii!! ^-^

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thanks so much for sharing. these are so awesome.

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Oh man, I never thought anyone would scan this, for some reason. It's beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing these scans.

You have greatly enriched my Sato Atsuhiro folder. 8D

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No problem! I doubted it would get scanned, either (like the other pamphlets from the Puu series. I've only seen decent scans from the Tensei Kunpuu pamphlet). So I figured that since I'm back home and able to utilise a decent scanner, why not.

:D I'm glad it's not just Ohno fans appreciating the pamphlet!

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Thank you for sharing ^^

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omg! ohno!!!

thank you for the scans!! ^___________^


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WOW! These are just gorgeous!! X3
Thanks for sharing!

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kono shashin ga cho kakkoi! <3
arigatou gozaimasu!

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Kyaaa~ so awesome **
Thank you so much for sharing ♥

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Thank you! :)

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I LOVE YOU~~ *_*
The pamphlet is amazing!!!!!!

Thanks so much for the scans!

And your header is nice :)

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kya~~!! thank you so much! *_______*

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